Using _syscall3 to manipulate files in a driver

From: Jon Smirl
Date: Sun Dec 31 2006 - 12:14:10 EST

I have the source code for a vendor written driver that is targeted at
2.6.9. It includes this and then proceeds to manipulate files from the

asmlinkage _syscall3(int,write,int,fd,const char *,buf,off_t,count)
asmlinkage _syscall3(int,read,int,fd,char *,buf,off_t,count)
asmlinkage _syscall3(int,open,const char *,file,int,flag,int,mode)
asmlinkage _syscall1(int,close,int,fd)

What is the simplest way to get open/close/read/write working under
2.6.20-rc2? I know this is horrible and shouldn't be done, I just want
to get the driver working long enough to see if it is worth saving.
I'm on x86.

Jon Smirl
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