chaostables 0.2

From: Jan Engelhardt
Date: Sun Dec 31 2006 - 21:01:06 EST

Hi list(s),

chaostables is a small package containing some nice netfilter magic:
a module xt_portscan which matches the nmap scan types (including -sS)
and more, and a xt_CHAOS module which slows down network scanners by
triggering their codepaths for handling slow-working/'broken' operating

Documentation is not yet fully complete, but it explains the details
behind the portscan match and how it can be implemented without using
the xt_portscan.ko module. By looking at the code and some example
files, it should be possible to figure out how to use these (obviously,
-m portscan [types] and -j CHAOS -- but a little self-experimenting is
always good, too.)
(it is a remake of what was previously known, and now inaccessible, as

I happily take comments on anything.

Thanks and, FWIW, happy new Year(),
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