cfs works fine for me

From: Hemmann, Volker Armin
Date: Tue Apr 24 2007 - 03:38:30 EST


I have tried the cfs patches with in the last days.

I am using KDE 3.5.6, gentoo unstable and have a dual core AMD64 system with
1GB ram and a nvidia card (using the closed source drivers, yes I suck, but I
love playing 3d games once in a while).

I don't have interactivity problems with plain kernels (except when
swapping a lot, swapping really sucks)
My system works well and is stable.

With the cfs patches, my system continues to work well. I have not seen any
regressions, desktop is snappy, emerge'ing stuff (niced to +19), does not
hurt and unreal tournament 2004 is as fast (or slow, depends on the
situation) as always. It even looks like FPS under heavy stress (like
onslaught torlan when lots of bots and me are fighting at a powernode), don't
go down as low as with the mainline scheduler. Not a big difference, but it
is there (20-25 with plain kernel in extrem situations compared to
>30 with the cfs patches). Maybe I did not hit the worst case, playing is a
little bit restricted at the moment - my wrist and ellbow hate me, but it
looks promising. Apart from the worst case scenrios, FPS are more or less the

My usage consisted of surfing the web with konqueror, watching videos with
xine and mplayer, using kmail (with tens of thousands of mails in different
folders), looking at pictures with kuickshow, installing XFCE, asorted
updates, typing lots and lots of stuff in kate and web forums, listening to
mp3/ogg with amarok, playing pysol/kpat/lgeneral/wesnoth/ut2004/freecol, a
lot of that parallel (not ut2004... I don't want to hurt my precious fps...).

Again, my system worked fine with the 'normal' scheduler, from the stuff I
read in the lkml archives I must be some special kind of guy, so there was no
improvement on the 'feels snappy or not' front, but there are also no
regressions. So from my point of view, everything is fine with cfs and I
would not mind having it as default scheduler.

If you want specs of my hardware, my kernel config or any other information,
just send me an email. I am not subscribed to lkml, nor can I read any of its
archives in the next couple of days, which is one reason why I don't answer
to one at the existing threads (I don't even know if there are some at the
moment), so in case of an answer cc'ing me would be nice.

Glück Auf
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