Re: [RFC][PATCH -mm take4 2/6] support multiple logging

From: Keiichi KII
Date: Tue Apr 24 2007 - 04:16:33 EST

We don't really have anything that corresponds to netpoll's
connections at higher levels.

I'm tempted to say we should make this work more like the dummy
network device. ie:

modprobe netconsole -o netcon1 [params]
modprobe netconsole -o netcon2 [params]

The configuration of netconsole's looks like the configuration of routes.
Granted you probably have more routes than netconsoles, but the interface
issues are similar. Netlink with a small application wouldn't be nice.
And having /proc/net/netconsole (read-only) would be good for the netlink

Do you say that we had better use procfs instead of sysfs to show the configurations of netconsole?

If so, I have a question.
I thought that "procfs use things related to process as far as possible".
Is it no problem to use procfs here?

Keiichi KII
NEC Corporation OSS Promotion Center
E-mail: k-keiichi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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