Re: [REPORT] cfs-v5 vs sd-0.46

From: Michael Gerdau
Date: Tue Apr 24 2007 - 04:18:25 EST

> > What I also don't understand is the difference in load average, sd
> > constantly had higher values, the above figures are representative for
> > the whole log. I don't know which is better though.
> hm, it's hard from here to tell that. What load average does the vanilla
> kernel report? I'd take that as a reference.

I will redo this test with sd-0.46, cfs-v5 and mainline later today.

> interesting - CFS has half the context-switch rate of SD. That is
> probably because on your workload CFS defaults to longer 'timeslices'
> than SD. You can influence the 'timeslice length' under SD via
> /proc/sys/kernel/rr_interval (milliseconds units) and under CFS via
> /proc/sys/kernel/sched_granularity_ns. On CFS the value is not
> necessarily the timeslice length you will observe - for example in your
> workload above the granularity is set to 5 msec, but your rescheduling
> rate is 13 msecs. SD default to a rr_interval value of 8 msecs, which in
> your workload produces a timeslice length of 6-7 msecs.
> so to be totally 'fair' and get the same rescheduling 'granularity' you
> should probably lower CFS's sched_granularity_ns to 2 msecs.

I'll change default nice in cfs to -10.

I'm also happy to adjust /proc/sys/kernel/sched_granularity_ns to 2msec.
However checking /proc/sys/kernel/rr_interval reveals it is 16 (msec)
on my system.

Anyway, I'll have to do some urgent other work and won't be able to
do lots of testing until tonight (but then I will).

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