Re: [1/3] 2.6.21-rc7: known regressions (v2)

From: Michal ÄihaÅ
Date: Tue Apr 24 2007 - 12:03:26 EST


On Tue, 24 Apr 2007 08:26:00 -0700
michal@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Adrian Bunk napsal:
> > Subject : gammu no longer works
> > References :
> > Submitter : Wolfgang Erig <Wolfgang.Erig@xxxxxx>
> > Status : unknown
> As several people reported this issue to me, I debugged gammu and here
> are details: This is caused by setting fcntl(filehandle, F_SETFL,
> FASYNC). Consequent write(filehandle, ...) generate SIGIO, which end
> application. I'm still investigating why FASYNC was there and whether
> it is really needed, but it worked with it for ages (this code is
> there at least since 2004 where my VCS history ends).

Reply to myself... At the end it turned out that Gammu wrongly sets
async I/O while it doesn't want it and does not handle it. Till now no
driver which has been used didn't support it, so this issue has not been
caught. I just removed this code from Gammu, so this is IMHO not a
kernel regression.

PS: Please CC me on reply, I'm not subscribed.

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