Support for Zilog or Infineon hardware?

From: Stuart MacDonald
Date: Tue Apr 24 2007 - 13:53:37 EST

We have been investigating Linux support for the following chips:

Zilog Z16C30 (also known as the "USC" or just 16C30)
Zilog Z16C32 (also known as the "IUSC" or just 16C32)

Infineon "SEROCCO" family
SAB/SAF-20532 ("Serial Optimized Communications Controller")
SAB/SAF-20542 ("Serial Optimized Communications Controller with DMA")

I grepped 6.20 and 4.34 extensively, and found
drivers/char/synclink*.c which appear to use the 16C32. Google turned
up for the Infineon
chips, but it's an out-of-tree driver.

Is anyone aware of any other Linux drivers for those chips?


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