MontaVista spam

From: Pavel Roskin
Date: Tue Apr 24 2007 - 19:33:58 EST

Mr Ready,

If you want to invite Linux kernel developers to your "webinar", please
ask your secretary to send individual invitations. I'm sure you can do
it as the CTO of MontaVista Software.

Please don't pay spammers. Nobody likes them, especially those who are
subjected to spam as a result of their participation in free software
development. MontaVista Software uses some code I helped improve. Is
that your gratitude, Mr Ready?

Spammers lie. I have never subscribed to the "OE Trends Email List".
Do you want your name and the name of your company associated with spam
and lies?

MontaVista Software has contributed some useful code to the kernel.
Your patches are still welcome. But your spam is not.

P.S. My original e-mail was denied by LKML because the mail filter
considered it to be spam. Indeed, the forwarded message must have
triggered quite a lot of spam rules. This time the message it not
forwarded. Instead, it can be found on my website with full headers:

Pavel Roskin

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