Ramdisk Vs NFS

From: Siva Prasad
Date: Tue Apr 24 2007 - 23:40:34 EST


What is the primary difference between Ramdisk and NFS with respect to
the wait_queue's?

If I use ramdisk, every thing works fine, but with NFS (or you may read
as 'no ramdisk') kernel/sched.c:__wake_up_common() routines has a
problem. Basically the value of "&q->task_list->next" is out of our
memory range (not between 0xc0000000 and 0xF0000000), and this causes
trouble of accessing non-existing memory. Why would this happen?

Interesting thing is, this happens much before we even load the ramdisk

Appreciate if any one has some insight into this. At least a pointer to
where to start looking would be great.


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