RE: NonExecutable Bit in 32Bit

From: Cestonaro, Thilo \(external\)
Date: Wed Apr 25 2007 - 06:29:45 EST

> > And this prevents the lowmemory to be secured by NX?
> What do you mean, when you say "lowmemory"?

I mean EF-Segments. Cause we got a kernel oops as we accidentally used ioremap_nocache on a EF-Segment address.
Before that usage the EF-Segments weren't secured, afterwards they were.
We use now ioremap which does the high low mem check, but I was a bit confused that NX was not active before.
But I can't provide any further informations about the system, cause it was more or less support for a customer.

Ciao Thilo
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