Re: Testing framework

From: Karuna sagar K
Date: Wed Apr 25 2007 - 07:28:31 EST

On 4/23/07, Avishay Traeger <atraeger@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Mon, 2007-04-23 at 02:16 +0530, Karuna sagar K wrote:

You may want to check out the paper "EXPLODE: A Lightweight, General
System for Finding Serious Storage System Errors" from OSDI 2006 (if you
haven't already). The idea sounds very similar to me, although I
haven't read all the details of your proposal.

EXPLODE is more of a generic tool i.e. it is used to find larger set
of errors/bugs in file systems than the Test framework which focuses
on the repair of file systems.

The Test framework is focused towards repairability of the file
systems, it doesnt use model checking concept, it uses replayable
corruption mechanism and is user space implementation. Thats the
reason why this is not similar to EXPLODE.


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