Re: Advice on debuging the fork syscall hanging forever

From: Miguel Freitas
Date: Wed Apr 25 2007 - 10:47:11 EST

On 4/25/07, Miguel Freitas <mfreitas@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
0x00002b2e77d6d5b6 <fork+134>: mov $0x38,%eax
0x00002b2e77d6d5bb <fork+139>: syscall
0x00002b2e77d6d5bd <fork+141>: cmp $0xfffffffffffff000,%rax


(gdb) info reg
rax 0xfffffffffffffdff -513

hey, could it be that this -513 is actually -ERESTARTNOINTR?
which, btw, is said to "Should never be seen by user programs" in

is it leaking? ;-)

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