Re: [RFC][PATCH] fix abs() macro to work with types wider than int

From: John Anthony Kazos Jr.
Date: Wed Apr 25 2007 - 11:27:32 EST

> > > I think it's like it is just to be consistent with abs() in C,
> > > which also contains labs() and llabs().
> > >
> > We actually had labs() before (few months ago), but since it was not
> > used, and if it would it seemed better to just fix abs(), it was
> > removed. So I think this is the appropriate way to go.
> Sounds like when someone actually needs labs() or llabs()
> they can submit a patch for however they would like to use it.

However they would like to use *abs()? What different ways are possible to
take the arithmetic absolute value? I see record of many cases where
dozens of authors have macros that then get collapsed to include files. So
why not avoid that annoyance this time and -start- with it in the include

Can there even be any reason beyond unnecessary pedantics to have
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