Re: [RFC][PATCH] on-demand readahead

From: Andi Kleen
Date: Wed Apr 25 2007 - 12:09:06 EST

> Yeah, the on-demand readahead can avoid _all_ lookups for small in-cache files.


> But what do you mean by AS?

struct address_space

> > You seem to have a lot of magic numbers. They probably all need symbols and
> > explanations.
> The magic numbers are for easier testings, and will be removed in
> future. For now, they enables convenient comparing of the two
> algorithms in one kernel.

I mean the 16 and 4 not the sysctl

> If this new algorithm has been further tested and approved, I'll
> re-submit the patch in a cleaner, standalone form. The adaptive
> readahead patches can be dropped then. They may better be reworked as
> a kernel module.

If they actually help and don't cause regressions they shouldn't be a module,
but integrated eventually Just it has to be all step by step.
> > Your white space also needs some work.
> White space in patch description?

In the code indentation.

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