Re: [PATCH][RFC][POWERPC] i2c: adds support for i2c bus on 8xx

From: Scott Wood
Date: Wed Apr 25 2007 - 14:54:31 EST

Vitaly Bordug wrote:
i2c && 8xx combo never work with 2.6 at least in mainstream. That's why related stuff were scheduled to removal by Jean even,
before I came up with this stuff.
This could all be done with an of_platform driver instead, and avoid the above.
(Someone else already suggested that I believe).

I know i know. But it was decided, while both ppc/ and powerpc/ wander around, platform devices way is preferrable.

The idea is to avoid regressions in arch/ppc; maintaining feature parity isn't necessary. If, as you say above, 8xx i2c was already broken in 2.6 (even in arch/ppc), then I see no reason not to go to an of_device right away.

It is apparent why - so far only mpc885 is alive in arch/powerpc, and it is not going to change soon for 8xx.

Actually, I plan to do some arch/powerpc 8xx work over the next couple months, so hopefully it will change soon. :-)

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