Re: suspend2 merge (was Re: [Suspend2-devel] Re: CFS and suspend2: hang in atomic copy)

From: Pavel Machek
Date: Wed Apr 25 2007 - 19:46:50 EST


> > Current design is:
> Broken. Yes. I've tried to tell you.



> It's worse than just confusing, it's *idiotic*.
> It _can_ work in practice, but
> - we have pretty damn solid evidence that it doesn't work all that often
> in practice
> - the fact that something *can* be done the stupid way is in no way an
> argument that it *should* be done the stupid way.
> I claim that the current STD is *stupid*. Yes, it can work. But that
> doesn't make it less stupid.

Good. So you understand how it works.

> What's your argument? Your argument seems to be that it's not stupid,
> because it can work. Can't you see that that simply isn't an
> argument at

I tried keeping module_init/thaw/resume similar code, so that driver
authors can debug suspend-to-disk, cross their fingers, and have
suspend-to-ram work, too.

Now, perhaps enough people do std/str these days so this is not
important any longer... lets hope so.
(cesky, pictures)
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