Re: [PATCH] change global zonelist order on NUMA v2

From: Christoph Lameter
Date: Thu Apr 26 2007 - 11:48:36 EST

On Thu, 26 Apr 2007, KAMEZAWA Hiroyuki wrote:

> (1)Use new zonelist ordering always and move init_task's tied cpu to a
> cpu on the best node.
> Child processes will start in good nodes even if Node 0 has small memory.

How about renumbering the nodes? Node 0 is the one with no DMA memory and
node 1 may be the one with the DMA? That would take care of things even
without core modifications. We can start on node 0 (which hardware 1) and
consume the required memory for boot there not impacting the node with the
DMA memory.

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