Re: [RFC][PATCH] ChunkFS: fs fission for faster fsck

From: Alan Cox
Date: Thu Apr 26 2007 - 12:12:58 EST

> Preventive measures are taken to limit only one continuation inode per
> file per chunk. This can be done easily in the chunk allocation
> algorithm for disk space. Although I'm not quite sure what you mean by

How are you handling the allocation in this situation, are you assuming
that a chunk is "out of bounds" because part of a file already lives on
it or simply keeping a single inode per chunk which has multiple sparse
pieces of the file on it ?

ie if I write 0-8MB to chunk A and then 8-16 to chunk B can I write
16-24MB to chunk A producing a single inode of 0-8 16-24, or does it have
to find another chunk to use ?
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