[PATCH 2.6.22 0/5] iw_cxgb3: Bug Fixes + Firmware update

From: Steve Wise
Date: Thu Apr 26 2007 - 16:21:30 EST

Hey Roland,

Here are some bug fixes to the iw_cxgb3 driver that I'd like merged for
2.6.22. The 1st patch has been posted before, but I didn't see it in
your for-2.6.22 branch, so I'm posting it again.


The last patch updates the cxgb3 required firmware version. It is
included in this series because its required by the patch preceeding it
in the series.



Steve Wise:
Fix TERM codes.
Fail qp creation if the requested max_inline is too large.
Initialize cpu_idx field in cpl_close_listserv_req message.
Support for new abort logic.
Update required firmware revision to 4.0.0.
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