[PATCH] change global zonelist order v4 [0/2]

From: KAMEZAWA Hiroyuki
Date: Fri Apr 27 2007 - 01:45:43 EST

Hi, this is version 4. including Lee Schermerhon's good rework.
and automatic configuration at boot time.

(This patch is reworked from V2, so skip V3 changelog.)

ChangeLog V2 -> V4
- automatic configuration is added.
- automatic configuration is now default.
- relaxed_zone_order is renamed to be numa_zonelist_order
you can specify value "default" , "zone" , "numa"
- clean-up from Lee Schermerhorn
- patch is speareted to "base" and "autoconfiguration algorithm"

Changelog from V1 -> V2
- sysctl name is changed to be relaxed_zone_order
- NORMAL->NORMAL->....->DMA->DMA->DMA order (new ordering) is now default.
NORMAL->DMA->NORMAL->DMA order (old ordering) is optional.
- addes boot opttion to set relaxed_zone_order. ia64 is supported now.
- Added documentation

Please don't hesitate to rework this if you have good plan.
I'll be offlined in the next week because my office will be closed.
Lee-san, please Ack or Sign-Off if patches seems O.K.

I think my autoconfiguration logic is reasonable to some extent. But we may
have some discussion. It can be rewritable by additional patch easily.


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