Re: More than 2Gb problem (dvb related) ?

From: Robert Hancock
Date: Fri Apr 27 2007 - 18:56:45 EST

Gregoire Favre wrote:

I have a computer (mother Asus Commando) with 4x1Gb Ram.

If I start without the BIOS remap memory, my BIOS and linux just see 2Gb
of ram, and DVB apps works just great.

When I enable the remapping of the memory, my BIOS and linux just see
the whole 4Gb but then, I can tune to any transponder without problem,
but I am unable to get a TS...

I have tested it with vdr/kaffeine/mplayer.

szap/kaffeine/vdr get the lock just well.

I had already asked about this on just linux-dvb ml, but maybe I am the
first one to try DVB with a system with more than 2 Gb as I didn't
receive any further info as someone get it working or not with such
amount of ram.

Anyone got an idea on what could be done to solve this issue ?

PLEASE CC to me all message in lkml as I am not subscribed to this ml :)

Sounds like the cx88 driver is not using the DMA API properly to set up proper mappings, this will blow up if it tries to access memory above the 4GB mark if the device cannot do >32bit DMA..

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