Re: checkpatch, a patch checking script.

From: Andrew Morton
Date: Sat Apr 28 2007 - 06:02:46 EST

On 28 Apr 2007 12:48:55 +0200 Andi Kleen <andi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Andrew Morton <akpm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> > box:/usr/src/25> ~/ patches/slub-core.patch
> > Checking patches/slub-core.patch: signoffs = 30
> > Use WARN_ON & Recovery code rather than BUG() and BUG_ON()
> The warning is bogus imho. How do you write recovery code for internal
> broken code logic?

Yes, it is marginal. But people do very often reach for BUG_ON() where
they could have at least partly recovered in some fashion - enough for the
info to hit the logs so we have a better chance of fixing it.

BUG_ON() is of course sometimes the right thing to do, but the idea here is
to suggest to the developers that they put a bit of thought into whether it
was really justified.

This little checking tool should have both "error" and "warning" levels -
AKA "fix this" and "think about this" levels. BUG_ON would be a warning

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