Re: Back to the future.

From: Bodo Eggert
Date: Sat Apr 28 2007 - 07:05:42 EST

Pavel Machek <pavel@xxxxxx> wrote:

>> I also don't like the idea of storing this in the swap partition for a
>> couple of reasons.
>> 1. on many modern linux systems the swap partition is not large enough.
>> for example, on my boxes with 16G or ram I only allocate 2G of swap
>> space
> WTF? So allocate larger swap partition. You just told me disks are big
> enough.

1) Repartitioning is sometimes not an option.
2) What happens, if the swap space gets used?

I want to be sure I can suspend my {server,laptop} in case of power running
out. Using swap is only an option for desktops.

>> 2. it's too easy for other things to stomp on your swap partition.
>> for example: booting from a live CD that finds and uses swap
>> partitions
> That's a feature. If you are booting from live CD, you _want_ to erase
> any hibernation image.

NACK. You want to keep all partitions related to the hibernated system
read-only. That's completely different from destroying all your unsafed
data and possibly long-running tasks.
Top 100 things you don't want the sysadmin to say:
51. YEEEHA!!! What a CRASH!!!

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