nbd hangs in 2.6.21

From: Rogier Wolff
Date: Sat Apr 28 2007 - 09:14:25 EST


I've been doing some work with nbd-servers, but it seems they are
a bit unreliable right now. It seems to be the kernel side that
is locking up.

Doing things like

dd if=/dev/zero of=filesys bs=1k count=1 seek=1024000
nbd-server 1234 `pwd`/filesys

and then

nbd-client othersystem 1234 /dev/nd0
mke2fs /dev/nd0
mount /dev/nd0 /mnt
cp -r /usr/src/linux/ /mnt/test1
cp -r /usr/src/linux/ /mnt/test2

will usually do the trick: The sync will hang in disk-wait and never
come out of it.

In my case "othersystem" is running 2.6.20. I don't think it is
causing the problems: the nbd-server is simply waiting for the next
request. I also tried a different codebase: nbdsvr. Same thing.

Anybody else see this?


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