Your /etc/kernel-img.conf needs to be updated

From: Thibaud Hulin
Date: Sat Apr 28 2007 - 13:58:55 EST

Hello !
I'm triying to compile the kernel 2.6.19.
The compilation happens good, but when I install the .deb on Debian testing, I get an out error state 1 :

Préparation du remplacement de linux-image- 2.6.19.suspend2
(en utilisant linux-image- ...
Ok, Aborting
dpkg : erreur de traitement de
linux-image- (--install) :
le sous-processus pre-installation script a retourné une erreur de
sortie d'état 1
Running postrm hook script /sbin/update-grub.
Your /etc/kernel-img.conf needs to be updated. Read grub's NEWS.Debian[1]
file and follow its instructions.

update-grub works normally, but don't change anything.
Where can I find informations about /etc/kernel-img.conf and grub's NEWS.Debian[1] ?

I don't understand what I must do.

Thanks for help,

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