Re: Flaws with "UIO: Add the User IO core code" (with patch)

From: Alan Cox
Date: Sat Apr 28 2007 - 16:20:50 EST

> > AFAIK we don't currently have any platform that runs binaries with
> > different sizes of "int" but this is a) an unsigned value anyway, and b)
> > should be a fixed type (eg u32)
> I reviewed the code once more and find it OK. There is only one legal
> value for the parameter "count" of uio_read(), and that's sizeof(int).

If you are a box with multiple supported binary types how big is an
"int". We use explicit sizes to ensure that uio_read() will work when/if
we get platforms which support binaries with differing ideas of the size
of "int". Thus it should use s32 or s64 or similar.

> The data that is actually read is the element "event" of struct uio_device,
> which is of type atomic_t. The latter has the size of an int.

The latter is the size of a kernel "int".

Other patch looks fine.
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