Re: suspend2 merge (was Re: [Suspend2-devel] Re: CFS and suspend2: hang in atomic copy)

From: Matthew Garrett
Date: Sat Apr 28 2007 - 21:05:54 EST

On Sat, Apr 28, 2007 at 12:15:50PM -0700, David Lang wrote:

> with dynaticks now in the kernel it may even be possible to have the idle
> process decide that the next event is far enough away that it should
> suspend-to-ram until that point.

This would be ideal (and it's broadly what the OLPC guys are aiming for,
I think), but on most platforms you're looking at at least a second or
so to resume. As far as I know, we're still looking at ~60 ticks a
second at best for an average desktop, so that's not going to be a win.

Matthew Garrett | mjg59@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
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