Re: [patch] CFS scheduler, -v6

From: Ingo Molnar
Date: Sun Apr 29 2007 - 03:31:23 EST

* Willy Tarreau <w@xxxxxx> wrote:

> > know of any other reports then please let me know!)
> There was Caglar Onur too but he said he will redo all the tests.
> [...]

well, Caglar said CFSv7 works as well as CFSv6 in his latest tests and
that he'll redo all the tests to re-verify his original regression
report :)

> In fact, what I'd like to see in 2.6.22 is something better for
> everybody and with *no* regression, even if it's not perfect.
> I had the feeling that SD matched that goal right now, [...]

curious, which are the reports where in your opinion CFS behaves worse
than vanilla? There were two audio skipping reports against CFS, the
most serious one got resolved and i hope the other one has been resolved
by the same fix as well. (i'm still waiting for feedback on that one)

> [...] except for Mike who has not tested recent versions. [...]

actually, dont discount Mark Lord's test results either. And it might be
a good idea for Mike to re-test SD 0.46?

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