Re: [2.6.22 patch] the scheduled removal of the i8xx_tco watchdog driver

From: Wim Van Sebroeck
Date: Sun Apr 29 2007 - 06:37:27 EST

Hi Adrian,

> I might be blind, but I'm not seeing what should be removed.

[wim@infomag linux-2.6]$ grep -i tco Documentation/watchdog/*
Documentation/watchdog/watchdog-api.txt:i810-tco.c -- Intel 810 chipset
Documentation/watchdog/watchdog.txt:The i810 TCO watchdog modules can be configured with the "i810_margin"
Documentation/watchdog/watchdog.txt:The i810 TCO watchdog driver also implements the WDIOC_GETSTATUS and
Documentation/watchdog/watchdog.txt:and WDIOC_GETBOOTSTATUS returns the value of TCO2 Status Register (see Intel's
Documentation/watchdog/watchdog.txt: WDT501P WDT500P Software Berkshire i810 TCO SA1100WD

But I need to clean this up anyway. So no real need to put this in the same patch yet.
I'll create a new patch for this that deals with the complete watchdog Documentation.


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