2.6.21 frozen for a few minutes, swapping to disk

From: Miguel Figueiredo
Date: Sun Apr 29 2007 - 07:04:04 EST

Hi all,

today, with 2.6.21, my laptop had a really odd behaviour. It started writing to disk for a few minutes with no interactivity at all (no redraw on screen, only hdd led on). It's the first time i noticed OOM-killer started do kill programs.

It was totally unresponsive for minutes, after back to life it had a load of ~19.0, and 300+ MB on swap (first time i saw this).

It's an HP pavillon core duo 2.0 GHz, 1 GB RAM

kern.log details: http://www.debianpt.org/~elmig/pool/kernel/20070429/kern.log
.config: http://www.debianpt.org/~elmig/pool/kernel/20070429/2.6.21.config
dmesg: http://www.debianpt.org/~elmig/pool/kernel/20070429/dmesg

As this is the first time it happened and it felt odd i am reporting.

If aditional info is needed please CC me as i am not on the list.


Com os melhores cumprimentos/Best regards,

Miguel Figueiredo
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