Re: Linux 2.6.21

From: Andi Kleen
Date: Sun Apr 29 2007 - 14:09:43 EST

> - a lot of reporters will not use bugzilla, because it's damn
> inconvenient even for reporting. If you propose something that uses

Don't think that's true. There are plenty of projects who only
accept bugs through bugzilla (mozilla, various distributions, etc.)
and I don't see any evidence of your claim being true.

Sure there will be always people who cannot be bothered
to use any kind of interface for bugs, but then
these are unlikely to stay on board during a longer
remote debugging q'n'a session either. So those people
can be just ignored; they essentially don't exist in
the bug report universe.

Anyways it only works if people are willing to use it too and there
are enough people who maintain bugs (aka ask questions to find out
who to reassign, prune old bugs etc.) If that's not there then
it won't work well obviously, like it is currently the case.

I don't think the "keep it in Andrew's/Adrian's head" method
is going to scale longer term at least (and one of them has
already thrown in the towel)

The "send it to a gigantic mailing list and hope someone catches
it" method also doesn't seem to be that great. At least there
are lots of lost reports in my experience this way.

I suspect the real reason is more "Linus doesn't like web interfaces
for no particular good reason". Not much can be done about that.
Well perhaps someone can write a gopher based bugzilla interface
or something to solve that instead @)

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