Re: Why ask Sun for ZFS while we have ReiserFS4 !?

From: Jan Engelhardt
Date: Sun Apr 29 2007 - 15:39:31 EST

On Apr 30 2007 02:18, Andrew Wang wrote:
>ZFS has some nice features, but ReiserFS4 also is a
>good file system.
>Why do we want Sun to release ZFS under GPL, while
>ReiserFS4 is already available under GPL!?

Do we?

>I know that ReiserFS4 breaks Linux coding standards.
>However, even if Sun releases ZFS under GPL, we still
>need to port it to the Linux kernel.
>I think for those who ask/beg Sun to release ZFS under
>GPL should do the work to get ReiserFS4 to Linux!

It's already there for Linux. It's just that you have to
merge it yourself.

Some people have different opinions about what constitutes
a good filesystem. One half goes with ext, the other with
<CENSORED>, mainly because "it works" for them, has "proven
to be stable enough", "<CENSORED> has not proven to be
stable", or perhaps just out of fs beliefs/conviction.
I myself would not 'want' either zfs or r4 at this time,
and there's even an objective reason behind it.

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