Re: Linux 2.6.21

From: Diego Calleja
Date: Sun Apr 29 2007 - 16:57:51 EST

El Sun, 29 Apr 2007 22:17:29 +0200, Adrian Bunk <bunk@xxxxxxxxx> escribió:

> Bugzilla might not be perfect, but it works and it's better than doing
> it by hand.

The good thing about the wiki is that it doesn't exclude bugzilla. It's
just a "regressions list", it doesn't intends to replace bugzilla. If a bug
doesn't gets fixed for a while, I don't think it's very useful to keep it
forever in the list like you do in the bugzilla, because I don't think
it's possible to fix every single bug, and it steals you time to fix bugs
that you are able to fix.

It's not great but it's the best clone of you we've found 8)
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