Re: Linux 2.6.21

From: Thomas Gleixner
Date: Sun Apr 29 2007 - 17:50:53 EST

On Sun, 2007-04-29 at 23:21 +0200, Adrian Bunk wrote:
> >> > It's not great but it's the best clone of you we've found 8)
> >>
> >> What exactly is the purpose of the 2.6.21 regressions list in the Wiki?
> >
> > It's for -stable team.
> >...
> Did Greg or Chris say they have spare time for going through this list?

Don't be silly, did any of the developers say, that he has spare time to
read your regression lists ?

Michal posted it to LKML with the relevant developers in CC including
the stable team, so they are in the loop for updates, which is a Good

Hey, you did this yourself. It is a great help and as your lists did,
Michals list pointed me to a bug, which I would have missed otherwise.

So what are you complaining about ? Folks stepped up and built a
regression list and posted it to LKML. What's wrong with that ?


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