Re: Incorrect order of last two arguments of ptrace for requestsPPC_PTRACE_GETREGS, SETREGS, GETFPREGS, SETFPREGS

From: Paul Mackerras
Date: Mon Apr 30 2007 - 01:50:12 EST

Anton Blanchard writes:

> I looked at this a while ago and my decision at the time was to keep the
> old implementation around for a while and create two new ones that match
> the x86 numbering:
> #define PTRACE_GETREGS 12
> #define PTRACE_SETREGS 13
> I hate gratuitous differences, each ptrace app ends up with a sea of
> ifdefs.
> Also I think it would be worth changing getregs/setregs to grab the
> entire pt_regs structure. Otherwise most ops (gdb, strace etc) will just
> have to make multiple ptrace calls to get the nia etc.

Did you do a patch to do that?

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