Re: Kernel oops with 2.6.21 while using cdda2wav & cooked_ioctl (x64-64)[untainted]

From: Ross Alexander
Date: Mon Apr 30 2007 - 10:40:21 EST


I have repeated the cdda2wav run without the nvidia module and I get a very similar kernel oops. I have to hand copy the oops so it could well contain errors. If somebody can tell me exactly what information they require it would be helpful. I have run this a number of times and the call trace isn't identical. Lastest says "kernel BUG at kernel/timer.c:551! invalid opcode: 0000 [1] PREMPT KERNEL". I can run this again if necessary.



Unable gto handle kernel NULL pointer dereferenced at 0000000000000000 RIP: [<0000000000000000>] stext+0x7fdff0e0/0xe0
PGD 11b356067 PUD 11aace067 PMD 0
Oops: 0010 [1] PREEMPT SMP
Modules linked in: ipv6 ehci_hcd ohci_hcd usbcore ohci1394 snd_hda_intel snd_hda_codec snd_pcm snd_timer snd soundcore 8250_pnp 8250 serial_core ieee1394 forcedeth snd_page_alloc
Pid: 0, comm: swapper Not tainted 2.6.21 #1
RIP: 0010:[<0000000000000000>] [<0000000000000000>] stext+0x7fdff0e0/0xe0
RSP: 0018:ffffffff805dcec8 EFLAGS: 00010246
RAX: ffffffff80587fd8 RBX: 000000000000 RCS: ffff81011a5fd370
RDX: ffffffff805dced0 RSI: 1058e226d118dc67 RDI: 0000000000000000
RBP: ffffffff805f8d80 R08: 0000000000000002 R09: 0000000001365df8
R10:0000000001365df8 R11: 0000000001365df8 R12: 0000000000000102
R13: 0000000000000000(0000) GS:ffffffff8054f000(0000) knlGS:00000000f7e248d0
GS: 0010 GS: 0018 ES: 0018 CR0: 000000008005003b
CR2: 00000000000000 CR3: 000000011a4df000 CR4: 0000000000006e0
Process swapper (pid: 0, threadinfo ffffff80586000, task ffffffff8050e140)

Call Trace:
<EOI> default_idle+0x29/0x3d

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