Re: [PATCH 28/36] Use menuconfig objects II - sound

From: Jan Engelhardt
Date: Mon Apr 30 2007 - 11:15:38 EST

On Apr 30 2007 17:12, Jan Engelhardt wrote:
>On Apr 30 2007 16:19, Johannes Berg wrote:
>>For the aoa bits this ends up having two "Apple Onboard Audio driver"
>>bits which is a bit confusing.
>Hold it hold it. You confuse the hell out of me. :p
>There is exactly one SND_AOA in my patch, where do you see the second
>menu entry in menuconfig?
>(Also note that I don't see a way to make CONFIG_PPC_PMAC turn up anyhow in
>`make menuconfig ARCH=ppc`!)

Argh... my local copy of the patch got twisted. I perhaps should redo it
from a base kernel - and sorry for the extra mail noise.

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