RE: [PATCH] [39/40] i386: Export paravirt_ops for non GPL modulestoo

From: David Schwartz
Date: Mon Apr 30 2007 - 16:37:39 EST

> FWIW I think doing this first will be better, exposing _all_ to non GNU
> modules will weaken whatever case we might have to take it away later.

> So, NACK from me too.

> I don't want to hear the whining; but it was allowed in .22, so why
> should we not be able to do this in .23.... or whatever.

This is the most illogical and perverse argument I think I have *ever* seen
on this mailing list, and that's saying something.

If people find legitimate uses for it while it's available, that's a proof
that taking it away is wrong. Symbols are supposed to be marked GPL if and
only if it's not possible to use them in non-GPL'd works. So, yeah, let's
not risk letting people prove your position is wrong before you have a
chance to enforce it.


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