nfsd/md patches Re: 2.6.22 -mm merge plans

From: Neil Brown
Date: Mon Apr 30 2007 - 20:11:20 EST

On Monday April 30, akpm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> remove-nfs4_acl_add_ace.patch
> the-nfsv2-nfsv3-server-does-not-handle-zero-length-write.patch
> knfsd-rename-sk_defer_lock-to-sk_lock.patch
> nfsd-nfs4state-remove-unnecessary-daemonize-call.patch
> rpc-add-wrapper-for-svc_reserve-to-account-for-checksum.patch
> nfsd things - will merge after checking with Neil.

All acked, though that last one won't fix any oopses like the comment
hopes for - I really should look into that.

> drivers-mdc-use-array_size-macro-when-appropriate.patch
> md-cleanup-use-seq_release_private-where-appropriate.patch
> md-remove-broken-sigkill-support.patch
> Will merge after checking with Neil

NAK on md-remove-broken-sigkill-support.patch - I'll follow up the
original mail.

ACK on the other two.

> md-dm-reduce-stack-usage-with-stacked-block-devices.patch
> Will we ever fix this?

I think we have several votes for "just merge it". I don't think
there are known problems with it.

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