WARNING native_smp_call_function mask SMP on Single CPUSystem

From: Michael Stiller
Date: Thu Sep 06 2007 - 07:25:23 EST


i get the following warning if i call vfree some memory allocated by
vmalloc on a single cpu machine running SMP:

WARNING: at arch/i386/kernel/smp.c:559 native_smp_call_function_mask()
[<c010e77c>] native_smp_call_function_mask+0x145/0x14a
[<c01cb32d>] idr_remove+0x102/0x163
[<c010e43f>] do_flush_tlb_all+0x0/0x59
[<c010e43f>] do_flush_tlb_all+0x0/0x59
[<c010ea33>] smp_call_function+0x1c/0x29
[<c0120922>] on_each_cpu+0x18/0x29
[<c010e2e9>] flush_tlb_all+0x1b/0x1f
[<c0155227>] remove_vm_area+0x4c/0x59
[<c0155252>] __vunmap+0x1e/0xe5
[<c011ccb7>] printk+0x1b/0x1f
[<e0b15f21>] ring_release+0x1f7/0x28a [ring]
[<c0247305>] sock_fasync+0x99/0x146
[<c024826b>] sock_release+0x14/0x66
[<c02486a8>] sock_close+0x1e/0x38
[<c01600ee>] __fput+0x99/0x166
[<c015db9f>] filp_close+0x3e/0x62
[<c015ebf0>] sys_close+0x5f/0x9e
[<c0103dba>] syscall_call+0x7/0xb

I use the rvmalloc / rvfree functions copied from usbvideo.c:

static void rvfree(void *mem, unsigned long size)
unsigned long adr;
unsigned long pages = 0;

#if defined(RING_DEBUG)
printk("RING: rvfree: %lu bytes\n", size);

if (!mem)

adr = (unsigned long) mem;
while ((long) size > 0) {
ClearPageReserved(vmalloc_to_page((void *)adr));
adr += PAGE_SIZE;
size -= PAGE_SIZE;
#if defined(RING_DEBUG)
printk("RING: rvfree: %lu pages\n", pages);
printk("RING: rvfree: calling vfree....\n");
vfree(mem); // WARNING occurs here
printk("RING: rvfree: after vfree....\n");

Any clues?

Please cc me for answers. Thanks in advance.


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