Re: bizarre network timing problem

From: Felix von Leitner
Date: Fri Nov 02 2007 - 18:39:16 EST

Thus spake Rick Jones (rick.jones2@xxxxxx):
> >Oh I'm pretty sure it's not my application, because my application performs
> >well over ethernet, which is after all its purpose. Also I see the
> >write, the TCP uncork, then a pause, and then the packet leaving.
> Well, a wise old engineer tried to teach me that the proper spelling is
> ass-u-me :) so just for grins, you might try the TCP_RR test anyway :) And
> even if your application is correct (although I wonder why the receiver
> isn't sucking data-out very quickly...) if you can reproduce the problem
> with netperf it will be easier for others to do so.

My application is only the server, the receiver is smbget from Samba, so
I don't feel responsible for it :-)

Still, when run over Ethernet, it works fine without waiting for
timeouts to expire.

To reproduce this:

- smbget is from samba, you probably already have this
- gatling (my server) can be gotten from
cvs -d :pserver:cvs@xxxxxxxxxxx:/cvs -z9 co dietlibc libowfat gatling

dietlibc is not strictly needed, but it's my environment.
First built dietlibc, then libowfat, then gatling.

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