Re: [PATCH take 2] UBIFS - new flash file system

From: Christoph Hellwig
Date: Fri May 16 2008 - 06:40:46 EST

General comment:

- not supporting a flash page size different from the system page
size is a horrible thing for people trying to use the same storage
on multiple systems. For a block based filesystem that alone would
be enough reason not to merge it. For a flash filesystem I'm not
entirely sure given that flash isn't moved between systems all that

VFS/VM interaction comments:

- splitting most of the mount code out to build.c is rather odd.
Most filesystems have this in super.c
- calling convention for mount_ubifs is nasty because it doesn't
clean up it's own errors. You might think it's easier to do
all that in ubifs_umount but beeing in the process of untangling
that mess for xfs I'd recomment against it. Unless there's
a very good reason for it functions should always clean up
the resources they allocated in the error case.
- ubifs_get_sb would benefit from splitting out a ubifs_fill_super
routine that allocates a new sb when it's actually needed.
- why do you do the commit_on_unmount in your own ->shutdown_super
instead of the normal ->put_super? If there's a good reason
this at least needs a big comment explaining why.
- ubifs_lookup doesn't really need to use d_splice_alias unless
you want to support nfs exporting
- in ubifs_new_inode you inherit the inode flags from the parent.
This probably wants splitting out in a helper that documents
explicitly what flags are inherited and what not. Given that
you store the general indoe flags settable by chattr in there
it seems like a bad idea to inherit them by default.
- the read dir implementation won't ever support nfs exporting
due to having to keep per open file state. Nor would it support
thing like checkpoint and restart.
- just opencode you mmap routine, there's nothing helpful
in generic_file_mmap if you set your own vm_ops.
- ubifs_trunc should never be called on anything but a regular
file, so the check for it seems superflous. Having it after
the S_ISREG is rather odd too even if you want to have
an assertation.
- please implement the unlocked_ioctl file operation instead of
the old ioctl operation that comes with the BKL locked.

Misc comments:

- ubifs_bg_thread shouldn't set a nice level, especially when it's the
default one anyway.
- the mainoop of ubifs_bg_thread looks a bit odd either, when you
first to an interruotible sleep and then possible one while you
still have TASK_RUNNING set. Also the need_bgt flag is not needed
because the thrad is only woken up to perform it's action.
In the end the main loop should look something like:

while (1) {
if (kthread_should_stop())
if (try_to_freeze())



Same comments on naming in the code:

- bgt is not very descriptive for your kernel thread. These are per
defintion in the background, so just call them thread or
<somethinginformative>_thread. In this case it would probably
be commit_thread.
- any chance you could spell out journal instead of jrn? jrn always
sounds like joern with the wovel eaten by a mailer.. :)
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