Re: Regression- XFS won't mount on partitioned md array

From: David Greaves
Date: Sat May 17 2008 - 10:48:24 EST

Oliver Pinter wrote:
> this[1] patch fixed?
> 1:;a=blob;f=queue-2.6.25/block-do_mounts-accept-root-non-existant-partition.patch;h=097cda9928b434994dbb157065b2ca38e7cec3a1;hb=8cc4c3b370d59deb16c2e92165a466c82e914020

Looks like a possible candidate - thanks.

I think this patch is for mounting root on an md device when the partitions
aren't yet initialised.

* When I run cfdisk I can read the partition table.
* Subsequent attempts to mount the xfs when /proc/partitions is clearly present
still fail.

> this patch is for kernel
? there isn't a
It doesn't apply to

I'll see if I can make it apply...


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