Re: [PATCH updated] net: add ability to clear per-interface networkstatistics via procfs

From: James Cammarata
Date: Sat May 17 2008 - 11:05:41 EST

We saw your initial patch posting, you don't need to send this

netdev added to CC:

I had regenerated the diff against .25.4 and made a few changes so I resubmitted.
Sorry if I made it seem like I was spamming the patch.

I don't wish to suggest I don't like the change - I've used similar features on "other oses" in the past, but when something like this has come-up in the past, haven't there been concerns about MIBs and SNMP and whatnot?

rick jones - beforeafter - subtract one set of stats from another...

Yes, this would definitely be a caveat, as it could cause problems if the software
takes a baseline once, and calculates differences from that ever after. For others,
it would cause a hiccup where stats show as being negative for one period.

However, I think the benefit of being able to troubleshoot issues on an interface in a non-invasive manner outweigh the downside here. Like you say, this ability is already found elsewhere, most namely in network devices like Ciscos, and the concern for clearing stats there does not exist.
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