kernel boot hangs after x86: insert_resorce for lapic addr aftere820_reserve_resources

From: Ciaran McCreesh
Date: Sat May 17 2008 - 20:41:39 EST

The commit 3def3d6ddf43dbe20c00c3cbc38dfacc8586998f (x86:
insert_resorce for lapic addr after e820_reserve_resources) causes my
x86_64 box to to lock up early on in the boot process. Reverting only
this commit with current git head gives a successful boot.

The last messages outputted to the screen with a failed boot are:

pci 0000:00:13.2: OHCI: BIOS handoff failed (BIOS bug?) 00000184
Clocksource tsc unstable (delta = 475235503 ns)

The handoff message appears not to be related, and occurs with all
kernels. The 'clocksource' message appears only with the above commit.

The box has an Abit F-190HD motherboard with a Q6600 CPU. A .config,
dmesg from git head with the above commit reverted and lspci -v are

What further information can I provide to help work this issue out?

Many thanks,
Ciaran McCreesh

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