Re: Limit SATA link speed to 1.5 Gbps

From: Alan Cox
Date: Thu May 22 2008 - 07:41:44 EST

> I tested 2.6.25 and the error still occurrs once but then it gave me a "limiting SATA link speed to 1.5 Gbps" in the log.

The later kernels will drop the SATA speed on repeated errors if they see
what appears to be a consistent problem that might be cabling/noise.

> Is it possible to set the SATA link speed somewhere?

Not sure. I've not looked whether that is in the new "force" code. I
don't think you can in 2.6.24 however, and 2.6.25 will fall back nicely.

Other than being annoying during the install it should not cause any
other problems beyond all the retries.

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