Re: [PATCH] x86: early dump pci conf space v2

From: Jesse Barnes
Date: Fri May 23 2008 - 11:31:01 EST

On Thursday, May 22, 2008 10:38 pm Grant Grundler wrote:
> On Thu, May 22, 2008 at 02:35:11PM -0700, Yinghai Lu wrote:
> > so we can printout pci config before kernel touch it
> >
> > Signed-off-by: Yinghai Lu <yhlu.kernel@xxxxxxxxx>
> Yinghai,
> No offense, but my first thought was this is debug code that should be
> maintained outside the tree. It will rarely get used.
> Just want people to think about this before saying "great, add it!"
> (And this isn't a stab at Jesse since I think he's doing a better
> job than I could. I saw his previous reply to this mail.)
> Having debugged lots of PCI resource and config issues, I understand
> why this is useful and do NOT object to it being included in the tree.

Yeah I thought about this too, but:
1) it's definitely useful for debugging PCI issues, and much easier for
everyone if it's in-tree
2) it only bloats x86 kernels ;)

Documentation is definitely needed though, thanks for catching that.

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