Re: Linux Wireless Mini-Summit -- Ottawa -- July 22, 2008

From: Johannes Berg
Date: Wed Jul 16 2008 - 04:25:18 EST

> > Not sure exactly what you mean with this one. Are you talking about
> > the lib80211 line item? Or enhancements to the mac80211 component
> > to support full(er) MAC designs?
> I hope just lib80211. We shouldn't be extending mac80211 to fullmac or
> quasi-fullmac parts. But we can certainly share a lot of stuff.
> lib80211 is where I see any additional fullmac effort going.

Just a minor point wrt. lib80211: I see little use in creating yet
another module since hopefully soon enough fullmac chipsets will bind
cfg80211 anyway so all of that stuff might as well be in there.


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