Re: request: via velocity and tg3 help

From: Francois Romieu
Date: Wed Jul 16 2008 - 17:11:32 EST

Jon Nelson <jnelson@xxxxxxxxxxx> :
> I have a pair (each) of VIA Velocity and Broadcom (Altima) gig-e NICs.
> They've never worked worth a damn. Only with (and later) does
> the VIA not kernel oops on boot, but neither one of them works
> correctly, and things go downhill even faster when jumbo frames get
> involved. They are both OK in 100-mbit, but in gig-e nearly useless. I
> am willing to personally ship one or both cards to parties interested
> in making them work better. I also have a single RTL8169-based card
> which works OK but not great, and I may be willing to do the same
> there. The only gig-e NICs I have are NVidia (Marvell) MCP55 which, at
> least as of, work great - I'm easily able to sustain 112MB/s
> with 1500byte frames and a non-jumbo-frame capable Intel NIC.

Can you redirect to netdev@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and describe more specifically
in what way the r8169 does not match your expectations ? Memory allocation
failures with jumbo frames ?

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