Re: [git pull] PCI pull request for 2.6.27

From: Linus Torvalds
Date: Wed Jul 16 2008 - 20:28:33 EST

On Wed, 16 Jul 2008, Jesse Barnes wrote:
> I'm open to suggestions here about a couple of caveats with this pull:
> - it's not merged up to master (though the conflicts are fairly trivial,
> you can check out my linux-next-merge branch to see how I handled them)

Ok, I handled them without checking your branch, just because I actually
like feeling like I know what I'm doing.

That said, when I inevitably fail, just humor me, and send me a patch to
fix it up, mentioning how I missed a really "subtle" thing, and the fact
that it didn't even compile wasn't really my fault.

I'm special. My mom told me so. And I want the re-assurance.

> - it contains a revert for a patch I thought might be ready but have since
> chickened out on. I didn't want to rebase since I'm carrying some
> changes from the ACPI tree

That's fine.

But do double-check the end result. There's lots of small details (for
example, I did try to just undo the damage from the "overlong lines caused
somebody to violate all the _other_ coding style rules" patch), but this
code from setup_64.c:

+#ifdef CONFIG_PCI
+ if (pci_early_dump_regs)
+ early_dump_pci_devices();

that your branch had added I put in the new shared 'setup.c', and while I
think I put it in the right place, somebody needs to double-check it.

Anyway, I've committed what I think is the right resolve, and it's
compiled etc, but I want to reboot it before I push out (so if there is
something seriously broken I can just holler for help or perhaps try to
fixure it out myself before publicising it), so it's not there yet.

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